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Title: Week starting 2017-02-28
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An extra weekly quest and rewards are here.

Get out your best map and plan your route across every part of the Broken Isles, as this is a great time to immerse yourself in World Quests.

This Week
All week, open your map (default hotkey: m) and then select any of the five main Broken Isles zones to consider the World Quests available to you. Hover your mouse over a World Quest on the map to see what tasks are needed complete it, the rewards you’ll receive, and the time remaining that the quest is available to you.

Look for the following all week long:

Archmage Lan’dalock near Violet Hold in Dalaran has a quest for you.
Quest requirement: Complete 20 World Quests
Reward: 5,000 Order Resources
Passive buff: +50% to Reputation gains from World Quests

If you’ve been looking to impress some emissaries, this is the week to do it!

Every Week
The Bonus Events system consists of a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Tuesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a noteworthy reward for accomplishing a related goal. The in-game calendar can serve as your one-stop reference for the event schedule. The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any associated quests.
Title: Re: Week starting 2017-02-28
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Drugon the Frostblood
Drugon the Frostblood has terrorized the tribes of Highmountain from atop its frozen peaks for ages. Now, seeing opportunity in the chaos, this powerful ettin descends from his perch to claim the region for himself.