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Author Topic: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application  (Read 1187 times)


Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« on: 2010-12-05, 20:34:02 »
General Info

Character name(s), class(s), build(s), and level(s)
Czarownik, Mage, Fire/Arcane, 80
Paskudny, Hunter, Beast Mastery, 74
Gnicie, Death Knight, Frost, 58
Mactabilis, Warlock, Undecided, 1 (Created for expansion)

Player name (We operate on a first name basis in HDL)

Player age - [HDL] guild and Ventrilo chatter is for mature audiences only. If you are not 18+, you will need to be sponsored by a guild member in good standing.

Where did you hear about [HDL]?
A friend in your guild (Powerfactor)

Why do you want to join [HDL]?
Powerfactor told me about your guild and mentioned that you were close to our age and maturity level. I want to get back into casual raiding when the expansion comes out and you guys seem to be a good fit.

What is your guild membership history? Why did you leave or want to leave?
Was in a guild on another server and it broke up due to lack or participation. Was a member of a top raiding guild on another server pre-BC.

What do you want from a guild?
I'm pretty much self-sufficient. All I'm looking for is a place to play with some good people and get back into some casual raiding.

Can you follow kill order?
Most definitely. I follow directions very well.

Are you a Casual player, Raiding oriented player, or a PvP oriented player? If you think you are a combination of any of those, what percentage of time would you spend on each?
I'm more of a casual player.

Raiding Questions

Will you dedicate 5 days a week to raiding?
No. I can't dedicate that much time to raiding but I will make as many as I can depending on the raiding schedule.

If you answered ""Yes" to the question above, are you aware that [HDL] is not a hard core raiding guild?
I am now. Could have saved some keystrokes if I would have read further.

Will you dedicate 2 nights a week to raiding?
Yes. Depending upon which days those are.

Are you willing to take/accept criticism to make you a better player?
Of course. I always welcome constructive criticism.

We do require Omen and Deadly Boss Mods. Do you have these installed?
Yes. I will even install Bejeweled if needed.

What is your primary and secondary talent build? Which do you prefer?
Before the changes to the talent tree, my mage was Arcane only. I will be trying out the Fire and Arcane trees to see which is a better fit for me since I haven't had much time to check out the new builds fully.

What is your rotation for your primary and secondary builds?
Well previously in arcane it was Arcane Blast x3 or 4x then Arcane Missiles on barrage proc. Rinse and repeat.

Explain your gear choices, including gems and enchants.
It is pretty much obsolete now since I haven't played the mage in a while. I had mostly gemmed for Haste and SP casting speed and damage.

What do you think of Gearscore?
I think it's pretty misleading if used solely to describe a player's skill level.

PVP Questions

You are headed to run an instance with non-guildies when you spot a flagged gnome. What is the proper course of action: 1) Ignore the gnome and head to the instance, 2) Send a message to the guild of your find. flag immediately, and kill the gnome, leaving the PUG to wait, or 3) neither. If you selected 3, what course of action would you take?
Continue to the instance. Its rude to keep people waiting.

You are headed to an instance with the guild when you spot a flagged gnome. What is the proper course of action: 1) Ignore the gnome and head to the instance, 2) Send a message to the guild of your find, flag immediately, and kill the gnome, leaving the group to wait, or 3) neither. If you selected 3, what course of action would you take?

A tea bag is 1) a small porous bag containing tea leaves or powdered tea, onto which boiling water is poured in order to make a drink of tea, or 2) a verb.
A tea bag would describe number one. You would have to modify the original question to read "To tea bag is" to satisfy number two.

Do you prefer Battlegrounds, Arenas, or World PVP? Why?
Battlegrounds. It's a quick fix for your PVP needs.

What is your favorite battleground? Why?
Strand of the Ancients. I like the concept of defending a stronghold and the focus on offense and defense.

Rank in important to stack for an Arena battle: Resilience, Attack Power/Spell Power, Critical Strike, Hit Rating.
I've never really liked the arenas.

Social Questions

How would you rate yourself as a World of Warcraft player?
Above average. I've been playing off and on since release.

Does .Net suck?
No. It puts food on my table.

Whiskey or whisky?

Rank in importance to you: Raiding, Fun, PVP, Loot, Camaraderie, Wine, Women/Men, Music, Altaholism, Crafting.
Fun, Camaraderie, Women, Music, Wine, Raiding, Loot, Altaholism, Crafting, PVP

Please provide a perl script that will sort a CSV file by first column, then second, and then insert into a mysql database.
No. I don't program in Perl. And for your obvious love of .Net, I will provide basically the same concept in c#:

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.IO;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Configuration;

namespace HordeDefensLeagueScript
    public class DataItem
        public string ColumnA { get; set; }
        public string ColumnB { get; set; }

        public DataItem(string line)
            string[] columns = line.Split(new char[] {','});
            this.ColumnA = columns[0];
            this.ColumnB = columns[1];

    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            IEnumerable<DataItem> items = SortCSV(args[0]);

        static void InsertItems(IEnumerable<DataItem> items)
            SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnectionString"].ConnectionString);

            SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("InsertData", con);
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@ColumnA", System.Data.SqlDbType.VarChar);
            cmd.Parameters.Add("@ColumnB", System.Data.SqlDbType.VarChar);

            foreach (DataItem item in items)
                cmd.Parameters["@ColumnA"].Value = item.ColumnA;
                cmd.Parameters["@ColumnB"].Value = item.ColumnB;


        static IEnumerable<DataItem> SortCSV(string filename)
            List<DataItem> items = new List<DataItem>();
            StreamReader sr = new StreamReader(filename);

            string line = sr.ReadLine();
            while (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(line))
                items.Add(new DataItem(line));
                line = sr.ReadLine();


            return items.OrderBy(i => i.ColumnA).ThenBy(i => i.ColumnB);

What is your favorite instance? What is your favorite boss fight?
Molten Core (Had fond memories of that place).
Patchwerk in Naxx. DPSFest!

Are you easily offended? Is your hot button race, religion, sex, or politics?
No. But I have noticed all four are sufficient in creating of drama when discussed with
easily offended people.

Are you aware the [HDL] is largely a collection of angry and cynical players and under-geared toons?
No. I'll just have to make that determination for myself.

Really? Why do you still want to join [HDL]
My friend is in there. I also just transfered to the server and by the looks of this application, it looks like you guys are a good fit for me.


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #1 on: 2010-12-06, 07:32:00 »
lol fricking show off.  He is a friend of mine and my sister amidia.


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #2 on: 2010-12-06, 09:07:50 »
Hi Chris!


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #3 on: 2010-12-06, 11:09:08 »
Hi there Stacy.


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #4 on: 2010-12-06, 16:53:16 »
I see what you did there  :o


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #5 on: 2010-12-06, 17:26:21 »
How do you feel about Jurassic Park?


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #6 on: 2010-12-06, 18:06:36 »
The first one was good. The others, not so much.


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #7 on: 2010-12-06, 19:45:49 »
Code: [Select]
using(Post p = new Post())
    p.Post(@"Do you keyboard turn?

Also, use using blocks!");


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #8 on: 2010-12-07, 01:36:41 »
What in the world is a keyboard turn? And yes, usings would have been better in this example but I'm so used to writing a lot of error handling code with try/catch/finally and find the verbose approach works best for me.


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #9 on: 2010-12-07, 06:28:24 »

Do you know what "nemesis" means?
A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent;
personified in this case by a horrible cunt... me.


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #10 on: 2010-12-07, 11:32:08 »
Lol! No, I'm a mouse turner.


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #11 on: 2010-12-19, 10:15:05 »
Hey, man! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you! When you're around hit up one of us and we'll get an invite.


Re: Mactabilis (Czarownik) Application
« Reply #12 on: 2010-12-19, 21:30:56 »
Invited, 19/12/2010.


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