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Author Topic: Tambourines Apllication  (Read 1032 times)


Tambourines Apllication
« on: 2010-12-09, 12:11:54 »
General Info

Character name(s), class(s), build(s), and level(s)
Tambourines, Shaman, Resto/Enhance/currently 81

Player name (We operate on a first name basis in HDL)
Alex (I also go by Hamburgers and French Fries)

Player age - [HDL] guild and Ventrilo chatter is for mature audiences only. If you are not 18+, you will need to be sponsored by a guild member in good standing.
Where did you hear about [HDL]?
Two of my buddies are members Patrick (Pronboi) and Daniel (Soggywaffles)

Why do you want to join [HDL]?
Cause I'm bitchin' and I heard you folks are bitchin'.

What is your guild membership history? Why did you leave or want to leave?
I can't even remember the name.  Server transfer.

What do you want from a guild?
Fun people, foul language, and the occasional raid.

Can you follow kill order?
Yeah, tell me who and when, and then I'll sleep on it, and send you a text message of if I want to do it or not.

Are you a Casual player, Raiding oriented player, or a PvP oriented player?  If you think you are a combination of any of those, what percentage of time would you spend on each?
Hmm, I think casual-raiding hybrid, and I really don't like pvp.

Raiding Questions

Will you dedicate 5 days a week to raiding?
Hell no.
If you answered ""Yes" to the question above, are you aware that [HDL] is not a hard core raiding guild?

Will you dedicate 2 nights a week to raiding?
I think so.

Are you willing to take/accept criticism to make you a better player?

We do require Omen and Deadly Boss Mods. Do you have these installed?
Yep yep

What is your primary and secondary talent build? Which do you prefer?
I'm leveling enhancement, but I endgame resto.  I prefer resto.

What is your rotation for your primary and secondary builds?
Honestly, I'm not sure what my rotation for resto is yet with the new expansion and all, and I'm still tweaking my enhancement, but I suppose it would be sotrmstrike, unleash elements, earth shock, rinse and repeat.

Explain your gear choices, including gems and enchants.
I'm in leveling greens right now HA

What do you think of Gearscore?
It's kinda gay.

PVP Questions

You are headed to run an instance with non-guildies when you spot a flagged gnome. What is the proper course of action: 1) Ignore the gnome and head to the instance, 2) Send a message to the guild of your find. flag immediately, and kill the gnome, leaving the PUG to wait, or 3) neither. If you selected 3, what course of action would you take?
3) Punt him through the uprights, we could always use the three points.

A tea bag is 1) a small porous bag containing tea leaves or powdered tea, onto which boiling water is poured in order to make a drink of tea, or 2) a verb.
2) Placing one's testicle upon a person who has been felled by your battle prowess.

Do you prefer Battlegrounds, Arenas, or World PVP? Why?
Battlegrounds I suppose, it's a little more like pve.

What is your favorite battleground? Why?
Alterac Valley.  Just so many memories, and its kinda like pve

Rank in important to stack for an Arena battle: Resilience, Attack Power/Spell Power, Critical Strike, Hit Rating.
Resilience, Hit, AP/SP, Crit

Social Questions

How would you rate yourself as a World of Warcraft player?
On a scale of 1-10 I'd say bitchin'.

Does .Net suck?
I'm getting used to it.

Whiskey or whisky?
Scotch.  Same thing.

Rank in importance to you: Raiding, Fun, PVP, Loot, Camaraderie, Wine, Women/Men, Music, Altaholism, Crafting.
Fun, women, camaraderie, music, loot, raiding, wine, altaholism, crafting, pvp

Please provide a perl script that will sort a CSV file by first column, then second, and then insert into a mysql database.

What is your favorite instance? What is your favorite boss fight?
I still love Naxx and downing Kel'Thuzad

Are you easily offended? Is your hot button race, religion, sex, or politics?
No way yo.  None of the above.

Are you aware the [HDL] is largely a collection of angry and cynical players and under-geared toons?

Really? Why do you still want to join [HDL]
Because I am an angry cynical player with and under-geared toon.
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Re: Tambourines Apllication
« Reply #1 on: 2010-12-09, 12:17:25 »
I lived with him for 4 years. He got me playing WoW in the first place, so thanks i guess. Good guy, great little spoon!  ;)


Re: Tambourines Apllication
« Reply #2 on: 2010-12-09, 19:23:53 »
Do you keyboard turn?


Re: Tambourines Apllication
« Reply #3 on: 2010-12-09, 19:47:55 »
I got to hear the story of the spoon.


Re: Tambourines Apllication
« Reply #4 on: 2010-12-10, 00:04:03 »
I'm a mouse turner myself, and the spooning story is one of seduction, love, intrigue, and betrayal.  I'll post the video soon.


Re: Tambourines Apllication
« Reply #5 on: 2010-12-10, 00:18:08 »



Re: Tambourines Apllication
« Reply #6 on: 2010-12-14, 19:55:25 »
if pictures existed, they would absolutely be posted here.


Re: Tambourines Apllication
« Reply #7 on: 2010-12-19, 10:16:34 »
Alex - when you're on next hit up one of us for an invite! ;)


Re: Tambourines Apllication
« Reply #8 on: 2010-12-21, 19:52:04 »
Invited, 21/12/2010.


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