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Author Topic: Olbayd  (Read 934 times)


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« on: 2011-03-17, 23:57:01 »
General Info

Character name(s), class(s), build(s), and level(s)

Olbayd - 65 DK, Blood/Unholy

Daferret - 46 Shaman, Elemental/Whatever I feel like

Player name (We operate on a first name basis in HDL)

Dennis, friend of Mike

Player age - [HDL] guild and Ventrilo chatter is for mature audiences only. If you are not 18+, you will need to be sponsored by a guild member in good standing.

25 and hoping to level soon

Where did you hear about [HDL]?

From a friend

Why do you want to join [HDL]?

Meet and play with some sweet people

What is your guild membership history? Why did you leave or want to leave?

Once a proud member of [Haxor Yip] since vanilla but only recently started playing this server again and a couple of them joined here

What do you want from a guild?

Meet and play with some people more consistently than the dreaded PUG

Can you follow kill order?

If asked nicely, sure.

Are you a Casual player, Raiding oriented player, or a PvP oriented player?  If you think you are a combination of any of those, what percentage of time would you spend on each?

Mostly Casual

Raiding Questions

Will you dedicate 5 days a week to raiding? 

ehhh No

If you answered ""Yes" to the question above, are you aware that [HDL] is not a hard core raiding guild?

Will you dedicate 2 nights a week to raiding?


Are you willing to take/accept criticism to make you a better player?

Indeed I am

We do require Omen and Deadly Boss Mods. Do you have these installed?

Not as of now, quite easy to get

What is your primary and secondary talent build? Which do you prefer?

Probably Blood primary, Unholy secondary - wouldn't mind trying my hand at tanking, its been awhile though.

What is your rotation for your primary and secondary builds?

Primary - Don't think there is a set rotation really anymore, but Outbreak, Runestrike, Deathstrike, HS....WIN

Explain your gear choices, including gems and enchants.

Still low level right now, not sure yet

What do you think of Gearscore?

Overratted and

PVP Questions

You are headed to run an instance with non-guildies when you spot a flagged gnome. What is the proper course of action: 1) Ignore the gnome and head to the instance, 2) Send a message to the guild of your find. flag immediately, and kill the gnome, leaving the PUG to wait, or 3) neither. If you selected 3, what course of action would you take?

I would have to say #2 as Gnomes must be punted.

You are headed to an instance with the guild when you spot a flagged gnome. What is the proper course of action: 1) Ignore the gnome and head to the instance, 2) Send a message to the guild of your find, flag immediately, and kill the gnome, leaving the group to wait, or 3) neither. If you selected 3, what course of action would you take?

3. Ask if everyone would like to punt a gnome or not.  If so, much fun would be had, if not, ignore the lucky little guy.

A tea bag is 1) a small porous bag containing tea leaves or powdered tea, onto which boiling water is poured in order to make a drink of tea, or 2) a verb.

Both, I prefer the drink though

Do you prefer Battlegrounds, Arenas, or World PVP? Why?

Mixture of BG and Arena - because World PVP is just not fun and impossible on a Normal server

What is your favorite battleground? Why?

I was always a fan of Old School AV

Rank in important to stack for an Arena battle: Resilience, Attack Power/Spell Power, Critical Strike, Hit Rating.

As stated works for me.

Social Questions

How would you rate yourself as a World of Warcraft player?


Does .Net suck?

Does it?

Whiskey or whisky?


Rank in importance to you: Raiding, Fun, PVP, Loot, Camaraderie, Wine, Women/Men, Music, Altaholism, Crafting.

Fun, Women, Camaraderie, Beer (See first three), PVP, Raiding, Loot, Music, Altaholism, Crafting

Please provide a perl script that will sort a CSV file by first column, then second, and then insert into a mysql database.

No thanks

What is your favorite instance? What is your favorite boss fight?

The one where the bosses die

Are you easily offended? Is your hot button race, religion, sex, or politics?

Not in the least, don't have a hot button

Are you aware the [HDL] is largely a collection of angry and cynical players and under-geared toons?

I am quite aware, and you have not seen my combination of sarcasm and cynicsym.  :-D

Really? Why do you still want to join [HDL]

Why would you let my sarcastic angry self join?


Re: Olbayd
« Reply #1 on: 2011-03-18, 00:07:56 »
Dennis has been a friend of mine since high school - oddly enough we went to the same high school but met while playing Diablo 2...definitely a good guy who I think would fit in HDL well.


Re: Olbayd
« Reply #2 on: 2011-03-18, 04:22:38 »
Inb4 Joe starts calling him Dennis Nedry.


Re: Olbayd
« Reply #3 on: 2011-03-18, 06:21:38 »
No way!  I've met Dennis, although it was a long time ago, and I remember that he enjoyed Pringles.  I vote YES.


Re: Olbayd
« Reply #4 on: 2011-03-18, 07:36:26 »
What uses are there for a fork?

Do you know what "nemesis" means?
A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent;
personified in this case by a horrible cunt... me.


Re: Olbayd
« Reply #5 on: 2011-03-18, 08:56:18 »
Wait? Joe's approving? This does not speak well for you, Dennis!

Honestly, though, you sound like another good casual addition and I look forward to talking with you online.

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Re: Re: Olbayd
« Reply #6 on: 2011-03-18, 08:57:46 »

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Hmm... On a side note, I need to figure out how to get rid of that 'signature.'

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Re: Olbayd
« Reply #7 on: 2011-03-18, 19:01:16 »
Do you keyboard turn?


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