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Author Topic: Goroth, Harjatan, and Lady Sassz'ine  (Read 12816 times)


Goroth, Harjatan, and Lady Sassz'ine
« on: 2017-07-11, 19:47:12 »
For GOROTH, remember:

If you are targeted by CRASHING COMET, move away from everyone else and from any pillars.
If you are targeted by SHATTERING STAR, make sure it knocks over at least 1 pillar.
During INFERNAL BURNING, hide behind a pillar.

Ranged spread out 180° in the circle. Melee stack up on his side on the same side as the range (ie, in the circle)

For HARJATAN, remember:

We are going to fight the boss with the raid stacked in front so we split raid damage on UNCHECKED RAGE.
When the adds come, kill the Razorjaw Wavemender, and interrupt WATERY SPLASH.
If you get AQUEOUS BURST, run to the edge!
If you get affixed by a Razorjaw Gladiator, kite them thru melee but don't get hit!
When DRAWN IN is cast, avoid the DRENCHING WATERS!
During FRIGID BLOWS, get to the edge and avoid getting hit by - wait for it - DRENCHING WATER.



We stack up Abyss Stalkers, and get them damned near dead, and then attack boss.
When SLICING TORNADOOOOOS is about to go off (you do have DBM, right?), KILL the Abyss Stalkers.
Stand behind the CONCEALING MURK to avoid geting hit, then step thru the hole opened from when the tornado hits the murk.

If you get CONSUMING HUNGER, you will want to stand in a THUNDERING SHOCK patch (random spawn). Do not stand in one unless you have the debuff or you're going to fuck your raidmate, and not the good kind of fucking.
When you stand in it, a RAZORJAW WAVERUNNER will spawn, so healers and other classes, remove the STUN.
Interrupt the Waverunner's cast of WATER BLAST and all DPS must kill that fucker. Seriously, all DPS. (They can be stunned, slowed, but not CC'd)

During second phase, the Naga bitch will CALL VELLIUS. A line of bubbles will appear. Don't stand there, since you take damage, and that's just dumb.
She also SUMMONS OSSUNET. This will create patches of Befouling Ink. Do not stand in that! Avoid it!
When BECKON SARUKEL is cast, a few players will get pulled in. MAKE SURE YOU ABSORB the BEFOULING INK.
The players that do not have Befouling Ink will get insta-eaten when you reach the whaleshark.
If you have trhe BEFOULING INK debuff, you give the beast a INK FACIAL! and after 3, it disappears.
Everyone else, just run away.

Phase THREE is both aspects of P1 and P2, so it's going to mean being on top of mechanics!

On top of all that, the boss will cast HY-HY-HY-HYDRA SHOT (Ok, just Hydra Shot) througout. If you get targeted, get out and put the raid between you and her. This damage is split among the raid, and that is critical to our success.


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